Services : List of the steps and procedures for relocation, Support and assistance for accomodation, housing, moving and expatriation on Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the adjacent municipalities..

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Range of Services

FieldsActivities Procedures
HOUSINGReal Estate search and visitsRental / Purchase
ContractsEstate Agencies, Notaries or Individuals
Preliminary sale contract / Lease / Sales Contract
Ingoing Inventory
House LayoutConstruction/Repair/ Maintenance
Purchase of equipment or furniture
ServicesElectricity / Water / Gas
Telephone / Internet
Contract maintenance heating / Sweeping / Security system
Subscriptions (TV, newspapers, …)
RelocationSearch Providers and Quotations
Relocation follow up (contract)
Home servicesHousekeeping / Maintenance / Gardening
French and school training
Aid and FinancingState Aid APL / CESU / MOBILI-PASS®
For purchase: Banks / tax advisers …
Home insuranceSee Insurance section
DeclarationTown Hall / Taxes (housing tax and / or property tax)
ADMINISTRATIVEAuthorizationsVisas / Residence Cards
Identity papersPassports / ID cards / Driving license
TaxesSituation Statement
Electoral registration, embassy, ​​consulate …

Account Opening / Loans / Money Transfer
SCHOOLINGSchool FindingKindergarten / Primary / College / High School / University
RegistrationRecords and Communication
AccompanimentPre-visit of Schools / Back to school first day
Search and registrationCanteen / Extracurricular / Private lessons
School InsurancesSee Insurance section
Validation of diplomasEquivalence certificates
FAMILYHealthHealth Coverage CPAM / CMU / Supplementary health Insurance
Other HealthVaccination, handicap, retirement home ..
Liability InsuranceSee Insurance section
Marriage / PACSAdministrative procedures
PetsQuarantine, vaccination, petcare, insurance…
TRANSPORTATIONVehiclesRegistration of Existing Vehicles
Purchase or rental
Technical control
Insurance (see insurance section)
Driving license obtaining
Public transportSearch for optimal solutions / Subscriptions
CarpoolingSearch for solutions /Contacts
PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIESSalaried employmentWork permit
JobseekerEmployment registration and unemployment benefits,
Independent or liberal professionAdministrative support (URSSAF, SIRET …)
RetirementRetirement pension in France
Business start-upAccompaniments and Consulting / Choice of the legal structure
INSURANCESSearch and Quotation
Housing / School / Vehicles / Pets / 3rd party Liability …
Swimming pool, media library, artistic and sports activities / Associations
TRAVELVisit for the proceduresOrganization of the trip / Planning / Meeting / Signature / Accompaniment
Travel for final settlementTrip planning / Temporary accommodation / Discovery of the region