Mobility Pro Pack

If you are in the process of mutation or have just joined a new job, but do not have time to take care of your housing installation, the Mobility Pack Pro is for you!

In addition if you are eligible for the Mobili-Pass®, it’s FREE !

The Pro Mobility Pack includes the following services

  • Search for housing (rent or sale)

Definition and specification of the needs : Depending of the context of your moving, Let Us Do It accompanies you to define together your needs for your future housing: place of residence, type (flat, house), area, dependency, garden, swimming pool …

Search for houses : Let Us Do It will select ten homes matching your criteria, from real estate agencies and web sites. This research file will be sent to you with photos or videos to facilitate your choice.

Housing visits : Among the accommodations offered, we organize a guided visit focused on a day to validate your final choice.

Delivery of keys : Once your choice is validated, we take care of the administrative procedures (see below) and organize the handing over of keys upon your arrival on site.


  • Administrative procedures

Management of the rental or sales file : Let Us Do It takes care of filling the rental or sale files, to collect the mandatory documents and to provide them to the real estate owners or agencies.

Management and signing of the lease or deed of sale : Once you have made your choice, Let Us Do It will take care of the lease and its signature. You have your accommodation!

Management  of Mobili-Pass® and / or Loca-Pass® files : Before, during or after the search for accommodation, we build the case of Mobili-Pass® file in order to finance the services provided by Let US Do It. If you are eligible, your Pro Mobili-Pack is free! Enjoy!

Presence in the ingoing inventory : If you can not go to the inventory of your new home, Let Us Do It will do it for you and will be attentive to all important points to be notified.

Opening of the services (electricity – gas – water) : Once your home obtained, Let Us Do It  will fulfil the required registrations for you to have water, electricity, phone, internet, for your new home.

Home insurance contract : Home insurance is a legal obligation and protects you against damage related to your home. Most of the time, it includes a school insurance for your children. After research, Let Us Do It will offer you 3 home insurance contracts and take care of the contracts once your choice is defined.

Constitution of the registration files of the children at school : After having defined your criteria for the schools of your children, Let Us Do It will take care of the registration files and the first meetings with the principals of the schools.

Opening of bank accounts : If you do not yet have a bank account in France or if you want to have a bank closer to you, Let Us Do It will offer you a choice of 3 banks and will help you to open an account.


  • Moving

Definition and specification of needs (volumes, budget …) : In order to facilitate the search for moving service providers, we define together an evaluation of your volumes and your budget.

Looking for moving service providers (Quotation) : According to your criteria, Let Us Do It will propose you 3 mover companies and will provide you the quotations for each one.- Management of the move: Once signed the quotation, Let Us Do It will arrange with the movers modalities and reception in your accommodation of arrival.

Conditions of eligibility for Mobili-Pass®

The Mobili-Pass® assistance offered by the government allows you to receive a subsidy (it is not a loan !) For the services of a professional relocation company . To do this, you must be eligible for the following criteria :

  • Transfer or recruitment to a private company of at least 10 employees
  • Move at least 70km between the two places of residence (current and new one)
  • Not having received Mobili-Pass® assistance in the last two years
  • Meet the following income limits :

Mobili-Pass® Eligibility Conditions

For other services, please refer to the relevant page.